Esokia, the Drupal specialist celebrates 20 years of this leading CMS

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Drupal is undoubtedly one of the most robust CMS on the market. Its longevity, but especially its popularity among developers and web development agencies around the world is a testament to its longevity. On January 15, 2021, the foundation of Dries Buytaert celebrated its 20th anniversary and it is the perfect time to reflect on my experience with Drupal, the evolution of the tool and its use at Esokia.

Drupal, more than just a software for website content creation!

Drupal is in fact what we call a content management system (CMS).  Entirely programmed in free and open source PHP, its rapidity of use and its numerous functionalities are aimed directly at developers, both beginners and experienced, who can thus enhance their clients' websites (blogs, intranets, e-commerce, institutional sites, directories, site-to-site factories, etc.).
After 20 years of existence on the counter, Drupal is now cumulating advantages, among which :

  • A fast implementation ;
  • The ability to develop web sites that are quickly scalable and functional;
  • A highly modular and customizable tool;
  • A solid programming interface (API)

Drupal specialist, an obvious choice for Esokia

Drupal specialist since 2008, we were at the version 5 of Drupal! Over the years, this solution has consistently justified its popularity: We managed to deploy it from a corporate website to a business application for managing a school catering collection, as well as sites with complex architecture and a Drupal content engine, all of which enabled us to absorb high load peaks.
Esokia's expertise in Drupal allowed us to design a media website capable of supporting up to 15,000 simultaneous users !

Drupal is not afraid to evolve, a good thing to ensure its durability and add to its reliability.

Drupal is an uncompromisingly evolving tool, however, I consider one change in particular to be important and significant. Indeed, the integration of Symfony into the core of Drupal will allow the development world to move towards greater standardization.   I would add that its sustainability is also based on its closeness to the community.
With its reputation acquired since the beginning up to Drupal 7, the choice of convergence for sustainability was a difficult but fair decision taken by the founder of Drupal.

Esokia, Drupal specialist for 12 years !

Indeed, Esokia was founded around this CMS and the ambition to position itself as a Drupal agency. We have been using it since our beginnings in 2009. This tool allowed us to achieve flagship projects such as Envie De Bien Manger, Placement-direct and State Bank Mauritius.

Of course, at Esokia, we wish more than anything to keep Drupal in our arsenal with the objective to increase our expertise, to certify more and more developers and to participate again in a DrupalCon!

If you would like to know more about migrating to Drupal 9, we have published an article on this subject: Drupal 9 Migration

Drupal, a solution with wonderful surprises!

For the record, I met Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, at DrupalCon in Dublin in 2016. We exchanged after his keynote speech marking the opening of the event. Very approachable, he agreed to do a selfie which I consider a collector's item, the word of a passionate person!