What are the trends to be monitored for e-commerce in 2023?


In a press release published on November 22, 2022, the FEVAD (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling) announced the color: in the 3rd quarter of 2022, sales on the Internet have approached 36 billion euros, with a growth rate of + 16.8%. E-commerce is therefore far from being relegated to the background, on the contrary. What will it look like in 2023? What are the trends to watch and adopt in the coming months? Here are the specialists' recommendations.

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The 2023 e-commerce trends to watch closely

The rise of the smartphone, an even more qualitative shopping experience, flexibility, payment, responsibility, packaging, etc. The 2023 e-commerce trends align perfectly with the expectations developed by consumers since, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Here they are.


Good to know

FEVAD reports that in Q3 2022, overall eCommerce sales grew by 16.8% compared to Q3 2021. This increase is largely the result of continued growth in service sales. In total, internet sales during this period reached €35.9 billion, compared to €30.7 billion in Q3 2021."


An increase in purchases on smartphones and tablet

Shopping on smartphones and/or tablets seems to appeal to more and more consumers. According to FEVAD, Médiamétrie's Observatoire des Usages Internet reported an increase in the number of online shoppers in Q3 2022 to 42 million people, or 80% of Internet users aged 11 and over.
All this to say that companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, have every interest in developing their e-commerce site. This site must be either usable on computer as well as on mobile devices or only designed for mobile use. 


A simple and efficient shopping experience

E-commerce in 2023 ought to be straightforward, ideal, and effective. Customers demand a smooth shopping experience, with hassle-free delivery or even returns of their purchases. The corporation must rely on a customer service that is attuned to the new codes in order to provide a neutral and transparent platform.


Increased security

Consumers are afraid for their personal data and privacy. How does your e-commerce site protect the valuable information entrusted to you by your customers? How do you build customer confidence in your ability to keep them safe? In 2023, invest in a reputable payment provider, implement best practices for data privacy and security, have your development team implement best-in-class fraud prevention tools, install SSL certifications (for HTTPS), comply with PCI standards, and host your online business with a quality provider.


Voice shopping !

Yes, we are talking about a form of shopping on the Internet that requires no clicks and no descriptive content: the customer simply describes the product he needs to his connected speaker. If this method may seem to come straight out of a science fiction movie, beware, it is already widespread in the United States, a forerunner in many areas!


Integration of new payment methods

Consumers who use digital wallets, deferred payment or fractional payment also want to be able to spend their money in complete peace of mind on e-commerce sites. Provided, of course, that the latter have the appropriate tools for this.


Eco-responsible e-businesses

In 2023, the French want to be able to buy on "Re-commerce" sites and consume in an eco-responsible way. Between ecology and eco-responsibility, they no longer want to choose! Ethical products, locally manufactured, qualitative, in favor of local businesses, but also, second hand or reconditioned products, this new year may sound the death knell of the famous abundance and all the drifts that accompany it.


Packaging worthy of our time

Consumers are fed up with e-tailers who ship their orders, even the smallest ones, in non-standard boxes. They also don't want packaging that can't be sorted and therefore sent for recycling. In 2023, this trend is expected to become more pronounced and force online retailers to rethink their habits.


Each client should be unique

Today's consumers want to be seen as individuals. Not data compiled in a customer file. No, they want content that is as personalized as possible, that genuinely speaks to them as individuals. The trend in e-commerce in 2023 is therefore towards relevance, which means that online businesses need to better identify those who have chosen to trust them.


An exciting year in 2023 for e-commerce

The list of 2023 e-commerce trends to watch is much longer and requires a thorough analysis by your company. Whether you're in B2C or B2B, the next 12 months promise a major transformation of your online store. Count on Esokia, an e-commerce development agency, to help you achieve your goals!


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