PrestaShop 8.1 - Everything You Need To Know About This Version


What's new with PrestaShop 8.1?
The PrestaShop 8.1 update is a major step in the web development of this e-commerce platform. This version has been designed to improve the efficiency of your online shop, with significant improvements in terms of performance and functionality. 

PrestaShop development has focused on modernising the product administration interface, optimising performance and improving SEO.


New product form administration interface

The PrestaShop 8.1 update introduces a new product sheet administration interface. This interface has been redesigned to provide better visibility and control over the information produced. As a result of this PrestaShop module, merchants can manage their products more efficiently, with improved sorting and filtering options, as well as simplified management of product images and descriptions. 


This new product sheet interface also makes stock management easier. With this PrestaShop module, merchants can monitor inventory in real time, with automatic alerts when stocks are flagging.


Performance optimisation and SEO

Performance optimization and SEO are key elements of the PrestaShop 8.1 update. This version has been optimized to deliver high performance and improved search engine visibility. Performance improvements include:

  • better memory management 
  • reduced page load times 
  • improved transaction processing speed


The PrestaShop SEO module has also been enhanced in this version. Merchants can easily add and manage meta tags and keywords, improving search engine optimization. In addition, PrestaShop 8.1 supports the HTTPS protocol, which improves site security and helps improve search engine rankings. 


Finally, PrestaShop 8.1 offers improved compatibility with mobile devices. With a responsive design and performance improvements specific to mobile devices, merchants can offer an optimal online shopping experience on all devices. 


This mobile optimisation also helps to improve search engine rankings, as increasingly consumers are using their mobile devices to shop online.


New image formats and maintenance mode

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, PrestaShop, a popular online shop platform, has introduced new image formats in its latest update. These formats offer improved image quality, greater flexibility and better performance for e-commerce sites. 

Online shop owners can now upload images in a range of formats, including JPEG, PNG and GIF, ensuring the best possible presentation of their products. 

In addition to the new image formats, PrestaShop has also introduced an improved maintenance mode. This mode allows online shop owners to make updates and changes to their sites without interrupting customer service

The maintenance mode also includes a countdown function, which informs visitors of the time remaining before the end of maintenance.

Prestashop 8.1


How can I use Artificial Intelligence with Prestashop 8.1?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a major asset for your Prestashop shop. As a PrestaShop expert, you can use AI to improve the user experience, increase sales and optimize your online shop operations. To use AI with Prestashop, you can integrate various AI tools and plugins available on the market.

Integrating an AI chatbot into your PrestaShop 8.1 module

The chatbot can automatically answer customer questions, provide product recommendations and help with site navigation. It's a great way to improve your online shop's customer service.

Use AI to analyze your data

It can help identify sales trends, forecast product demand and optimize stocks. This is a valuable feature for any PrestaShop agency looking to improve the efficiency of its e-commerce operations.


Contact us to manage your online shop!

At Esokia we understand the importance of effective product management for an online shop. With PrestaShop 8.1, we offer greater flexibility and control over product management, enabling merchants to efficiently manage their inventory and maximize sales. In addition, our PrestaShop Expert will ensure that this version is optimized for mobile devices, which is essential in today's e-commerce world.





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