Content copywriting, what is it and how optimize it?

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Do you want to communicate on Internet? You have to know content copywriting. But if you want to be original, you will have to respect a lot of rules and work twice as hard. It is simple: be clear, precise, instructive and respect a lot of recommendations for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will convince as well your reader and also search engines. 


What does include content copywriting? 

Website content writing has many forms:

  • Website content
  • Newsletter
  • Blog article
  • Social media post, etc.

What is it published on Internet can be considered as content copywriting. Content copywriting has so many rules now that a new job has been created just for that: copywriter. A job that passionate of digital and writing will love for sure!


Optimize your SEO with content copywriting

You know now that content writing is different from writing articles for written press. We don’t write the same way website content or press article. Content copywriting often implies a will of ranking on search engines. 

If it is your wishes, you have to adapt your content copywriting of Search Engine Optimization strict rules, so the search engines can highlight your content. Think to:

  • Define precisely the keywords on which you want to rank
  • Insert it in your content (300 words minimum)
  • Think to optimize your tags : title, meta-description, Hn and ALT attribute
  • And don’t forget hypertext links

But the most important thing in your content copywriting must be… your readers!


Your readers, favorite target of your content copywriting

Because they are the ones who make your traffic, don’t forget that your content copywriting must meet their expectations too. So, you have to write a content:

  • Easily understandable and flowing
  • With a quality information
  • Personalized for your readers
  • Based on reliable source
  • And which makes your readers want to come back on your website regularly  

In summary: no advertising or promotion message! Choose content which brings information in a simply and fun way. And obviously, read over and over your content to avoid spelling mistakes.


Content copywriting is central in Search Engine Optimization, so it is better for you to respect these rules to have: a better rank on search engines, happy readers and a better image of your brand or company. 

And if you are interested to be visible on Google (first search engine on the world) with content copywriting, you can contact us here