Best developers in Maurititius : WebCup Mauritius !


The best developers in Maurititius compet during the Webcup challenge.

The WebCup is an annual contest to reveal new talents. Each year, the contest is launched between the Comoros Islands, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rodrigues, Mayotte, Reunion and Seychelles. It consist in developping, depending on the subjet, a website in 24 hours non-stop. From newbies to experts, and even students, people who know how to code can participate.

Since the creation of the WebCup in 2013, each year, Esokia support the event as an official sponsor, essentially to promote young talents because they are the future of the Web.

The subject 2016 of this year, was about to creat a website for WASA (WebCup Aeronotics and Space Administration) which is launching a big advertising campaign in the space. The teams had to develop a website to link the WSS (WebCup Space Station) to the Earth, in real-time, making it the most attractive and the most interactive as possible.

Denis Lacour, Board Member at Esokia, attended the award ceremony. Team Left-Handed Production, with only left-handed members, was awarded for the first place. The second place was for the Tech Killers and the third place for Codefish.

Esokia Web Agency strongly believes the most innovative ideas come from the young and that's why it will continue to support them and to help them in their career.


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