Sylius : the mini Symfony bundle transformed into a framework for your eCommerce solution

A well-deserved spotlight on Sylius a Symfony, e-commerce solution, the latter being considered by specialists as a reference PHP framework. Esokia has all the expertise and knowledge required to assist companies that want to redesign their eCommerce website or finally offer a virtual store to their customers.

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Outsourcing, a concrete and personalised response to your eCommerce project

At the moment, you sell your products on the marketplace well-known to Internet users, such as eBay or Amazon. However, this approach proves to be particularly demanding, because as a trading company, you also have to juggle marketing, customer satisfaction, inventory management, innovation, etc. It's time to change strategy, to take the next step with an online sales website. This solution eliminates the problems of commission rates, complicated regulations, the impossibility of personalizing the exchanges with your customers, etc.

If you don't have the necessary in-house skills to create your eCommerce website, outsourcing offers you the most convenient solution to continue to grow and make money! For results that live up to your expectations, to finally offer a personalized service to your customers, opt for outsourcing to an agency renowned for its expertise in the field of web development.

Esokia's developers use Sylius, entirely in open source. This eCommerce oriented framework has been created from Symfony components and bundles. It allows us to generate the skeleton of online sales websites and to deliver ready to use virtual shops to our customers. Functional as soon as it is received, each site is equipped with an interface optimized to the maximum for a comfortable use.

Our teams of experts provide quality results in all circumstances: not only did they mastered Sylius when it was still a Symfony bundle, but above all, they now have complete documentation provided by the framework editor. Finally, they are constantly reinforcing their skills thanks to an updated roadmap and evolutions published regularly by other developers who are heavily invested in this product.


Portrait of Sylius

A real customizable toolbox, Sylius is a fully integrated concept possessing all the essential resources to manage an online store. Its core cements modular components, which Esokia's developers activate or deactivate according to each project entrusted to them:

  • A dashboard for a functional and fast administration;
  • An integrated Application Programming Interface (API) (RESTful Json/XML API - CQS Model - Sorting and Filtering System) that facilitates the creation of native mobile applications and progressive web applications. It works from the administrator's point of view.
  • A shop, a standard B2C interface for background management of the system, streamlined and simple, composed of configurations and yaml templates (a format that allows "coded" information to be represented in a way that is readable to developers).


Sylius: time is bundles

Save time on your project! Sylius being a Symfony framework, it benefits from bundles (comparable to software plug-ins) of the latter, but also, from others, created by independent communities of developers around the world. Each bundle gathers files and folders organized in a specific structure. It is also modeled to be reusable in other applications. To summarize the role of bundles in general in Sylius, they allow you to quickly add more advanced features, more flexible structures than Magento or PrestaShop, to your eCommerce website:

  • Setting up a CMS ;
  • E-mail advertising ;
  • Inventory management ;
  • The co-packing ;
  • Mobile Access ;
  • Multi-channel marketing ;
  • Multi-store management ;
  • Promotions Management ;
  • Returns management ;
  • Reviews Management ;
  • SEO Etc;
  • Invoice generation ;
  • Etc ;

But above all :

  • They avoid the need for developers to create features from scratch, thus avoiding repeating the initial stages of each project;
  • Offers unparalleled flexibility and ability to customize the framework according to the needs of each project

The architecture of this eCommerce solution continues to appeal to the developer community around the world because of its many advantages:

  • Independent components, compatible with a good number of PHP applications ;
  • Libraries (bundles), located at different levels, allowing them to be more easily integrated with other Symfony projects;
  • An active community of developers ;
  • Constant evolution ;
  • Security always up to date;
  • Une sécurité toujours à jour ;
  • Components also independent, usable with other applications based on PHP


eCommerce website redesign: choose the best solution for your business

Your SME, B2C/B2B business already has its virtual storefront, which you want to redo or you have decided to take your digitalization step by opening your eCommerce site. By entrusting your project to Esokia's team of developers, you will quickly have a personalized result, or even highly personalized, with deep adaptations.

The Sylius framework now allows our developers to meet at least 80% of our customers' eCommerce needs, for several reasons:

  • It is flexible, scalable, offering a stable and secure platform;
  • Does not have any technological debt compared to other solutions;
  • Is based on Symfony, framework star among developers ;
  • Offers quality code and excellent documentation;
  • Endless possibilities for customizing every aspect of the system and adding bundles ;
  • Allows the setting up of payment platforms, among others

By deciding to create from scratch an easily customizable eCommerce website or to recreate the skeleton of your current website, you chose to increase your sales, your ability to innovate, your customer satisfaction, your visibility. Why not win on all levels by outsourcing this task? Esokia is a web agency specialized in the development of online sales sites. Save time and money and entrust this step of your digitalization to a team of experts: our mastery of Sylius is the key to a result that will exceed your expectations!

Looking for expertise for your eCommerce project?

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