Build your web development project with the Vue.js framework

After working for the Google search engine using AngularJS, Evan You wanted to extract part of it to create a new lighter framework. That's when he became the official creator of Vue.js which was born in July 2013 and published in 2014.

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What is Vue.js?

It is a JavaScript framework, scalable and open-source. As its name indicates, it allows you to create "views". It is then used for front-end development, i.e. to design graphical user interfaces.

We use it to build user interfaces as well as single-page web applications (it is a web application that is accessible via a single web page).

Vue.js was also designed to be incrementally integrated. What does that mean? If you already have a front-end application, you don't have to redo everything if you want to use another technology because Vue.js integrates quickly with existing code.

Another point you can see is that Vue.js differs in its handling. It is a very easy to use framework because within a few hours, you can read the official documents and then start testing your projects.

What are the advantages of using Vue.js for your project?

  • The first advantage of Vue.js is that it is very light (about 20 KB).
  • It has great flexibility for the creation of web applications.
  • This framework is also very efficient in its execution.
  • It is a technology that is considered easy for developers to learn.
  • It uses the computer programming language JavaScript which is very well known by developers so if you encounter a problem with your app, you can call on a community of experts who will help you.
  • The syntax for writing its code is very simple.
  • It also gives access to all the features that can be found with a GUI toolkit widget.
  • Vue.js also does automatic tracing of a component's dependencies during rendering.
  • Existing sites on Vue.js are also perceived as fast and highly interactive from a user's perspective.

Who uses Vue.js for their web application project?

Many large companies have taken the plunge by using Vue.js for their website! You can find the GitLab software, the largest online BtoB commerce platform Alibaba or Behance, the artists' site! So why not you?

Trust Esokia with your web project !

One of the disadvantages of Vue.js is that it has a smaller developer community than its competing frameworks. So it will be difficult for you to ask for help regarding bugs and errors you will have on your web application.

So we have the solution! Esokia and its digital team realize web development projects with Vue.js. We have set up a dedicated team for front-end development as well as a dedicated team for back-end development.

When you say front-end, you also mean design! Our developers also work in direct collaboration with our UX/UI designers to give you an ultra visual website that will catch the eyes of your end users.

If you want to discover the differences between Vue.js and the other front-end frameworks like React.Js and Angular.JS, Esokia has made a comparison of these 3 frameworks so that you can choose the most suitable technology for your project.

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