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Many famous companies such as Instagram, AirBnb, Netflix, Paypal, Twitter, Dropbox, Tesla or Facebook use ReactJs for the creation of their web interface. So, why not you?

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What's ReactJs?

Let's start by introducing this technology. React, also called React Js, is a web platform that was developed by Facebook in 2013. It is more like a JavaScript library that only manages the interface of a site.

React is also considered to be a front-end framework, i.e. a set of software to create user interfaces such as web and mobile applications.

React Js is also open source software. This means that it is a computer program whose source code is distributed under a license that allows it to be read, modified or redistributed by anyone. For its part, React is under an MIT license (from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) because it exists for free software.

With the mass arrival of smartphones, Facebook teams also wanted to develop a framework dedicated solely to mobile applications: React Native.

What are the benefits of using React Js?

  • First of all, it is a very flexible and high-performance platform. It works in particular thanks to its own virtual DOM where your components are attached. The advantage is that React Js calculates all the changes needed by the DOM and directly updates the part that needs them.
  • This technology can facilitate the creation of user interfaces as well as components that are reusable and with data that can be modified at any time.
  • The toolbox that React Js offers is also a very important advantage for you. As it is complete and optimized, it allows you to initialize a project easily without having already defined its architectures.
  • The feature that differs from other frameworks is that the content of the service is referenceable. The code can be generated on both the client and server side using a Node server.
  • A very large and active community has been organized with this technology that can help you in the design of your digital project. It grows richer as you learn more about the bugs and anomalies you can find.
  • If you already have a web application with Front React Js technology, it will be easier for developers to take care of it with React Native.
  • Usually, for each technology migration, you have to follow its evolution by managing updates to avoid bugs. Thanks to React Js, you can continue to use some features of the new versions without having to change all your code.

Esokia manages the creation of your web application with React !

Esokia is part of the large community created around this technology through its team of developers specialized in React Js.

We are convinced that this framework is ideal for the development of front-end web applications as it is a future technology not to be neglected.

We can take care of your digital project from A to Z. Whether it is for the development, UX/UI design, SEO optimization, hosting or maintenance of your web or mobile application or animation of your digital campaigns, our team of experts is specialized in each field to meet your expectations as much as possible.

If you have a web application, have you also thought about having your own mobile application? Our developers are also experts in the React Native framework which can be used directly with the React Js library.

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