Develop your web application with AngularJS

For starters, do you know the history of Angular Js' creation ?

Brad Green and Shyam Seshadri, two Google developers, had started a project called "Google Feedback". As the project progressed, more and more lines of front-end code accumulated until it reached 17,000 lines that were not maintainable. Distraught by the project, one of the developers decided to redevelop the solution by creating their own framework. In the end, they ended up with only 1,500 lines of fully tested and maintainable code. And they named this framework AngularJS !

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What's AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework developed by Google. It should improve the syntax of JavaScript as well as the productivity of developers on it by promoting a structured development.

It is based on fundamental architectural principles such as :

  • The MVC logic which means Model - View - Controller
  • A use of an HTML Template because the framework has been designed to adapt the HTML language to a dynamic use as it could be seen on a web application
  • A use of the components and also the possibility to create new ones
  • An injection of different addictive substances to make Angular modulable
  • The binding or in other words the link which is the means linking the part seen to the logical part. This means that the elements of your HTML code will be bound to the JavaScript controller.

Note that AngularJs uses the free, multi-platform jQuery JavaScript library. However, it is not imperative that you know how this framework works to use Angular.

What are the benefits of using AngularJs for your project?

  • It is a powerful and easy to use framework for a web developer because it is written with the JavaScript programming language which is very well known by developers.
  • It is also considered to be very flexible. To no avail, it imposes a highly structured component-based architecture and requires a clearer understanding of the data exchange between components. What it wants is to encourage a generic implementation, such as an "agnostic framework", which will allow the reuse of Angular code for several different contexts.
  • Angular natively provides everything you need to develop an entire application with a standard configuration such as animation modules, build configuration with full optimization, form modules, etc.
  • It puts testability at the top of the agenda. To do this, it also provides all the necessary tools that will facilitate the implementation of unit and e2e tests. For example, it offers turnkey configuration of testing and reporting tools.
  • The framework is also used for the development of mobile applications. Ionic, another open source framework, uses Angular to develop multi-platform mobile applications. If you combine these two technologies, you can quickly and efficiently create applications that can be used on many platforms.
  • A large community has developed around this technology. If you're looking for expert AngularJs developers, you'll find a wide choice when you search.

Choose an expert agency for this framework!

AngularJs is considered to be a cutting-edge framework and also the most popular JavaScript framework for the development of web applications.

Are you looking for an agency specialising in AngularJs? Esokia is an expert in web and mobile development ! We have set up dedicated teams specialized for each techno that we propose you for your digital project.

Moreover, as Google has developed Angular, then its teams could be sufficient for the development and maintenance of your project on this technology. However, as there are always updates to be done, it is imperative for you to maintain your website so that it is up to date, bug free and error free. This is why we offer you our Application Maintenance services !

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