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As a Wordpress development agency, Esokia support companies with our expertise in all types of website creation and digital strategy. We develop projects on WordPress CMS ( tailor-made websites, e-commerce sites,...) for all sectors (international groups, SMEs and start-ups).

WordPress is one of the mostly used Open Source software family in the world. And of course, Open Source means free! A considerable asset, given the cost of technology nowadays.

With this CMS you can be more productive by saving time by adding for the creation of a dynamic websites. All this without having to write a single line of code! 

What is a CMS? 

A content Management System (CMS) facilitates the creation of dynamic and editorial content (text, images, videos, etc.) for a website. The content manager is a guideline, present at all stages of web content creation. From a page or an article validation to publication rule management.

For a marketing team in a company, the main function of a CMS is ideal for content creation and management. Indeed, a CMS separates the contents of the container. It makes it possible to update the content of a text or image, independently of the graphical design of a website and vice versa. Easy peasy ! 


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WordPress: Publication platform and CMS

Founded in 2003, WordPress has since evolved into one of the most popular platform. Always in the top 3 of web development software, but yet  still underestimated. People just associate with a tool to create blogs. Let's say that Wordpress is a " magical box " with all the functions you need for a website. Plus, the themes and plugins available are for many of them totally free!

WordPress must be seen as a powerful content management system that enables the creation of responsive websites. It has many features that are compatible with browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, as well as social networks. Everything you need for online visibility and much more.

In 2018, the new WordPress Gutenberg version (following printer Johannes Gutenberg) offers a more intuitive interface and easy editing functions. This new editor is developed in Javascript and uses the React library as well as the REST WordPress API.

With a more "user friendly" interface, this update introduced the concept of content frames. It allows you to add, configure and localize different types of frames to form the content of a web page. A considerable time saving for the constant contents updates!

A WordPress web design agency, what for ?

For its flexibility and ease of use

As mentioned earlier, it is more than just a platform for creating Wordpress blogs. It gives companies the possibility to be more flexible in their web development. It allows them to create any type of showcase and professional e-commerce website. The simplicity of its back office allows a very easy and intuitive management and maintenance even for a web beginner.

For creating a multilingual site 

By definition, a multilingual site is a website with content in different languages. In the age of digitalization, internationalization must be an absolute priority! And of course, the first step is a multilingual website.

It is a real opening to the world and therefore has the potential for additional profits. Fortunately, Wordpress plugins are designed to make it easier to set up this type of platform. One page in multiple languages, YES nothing is impossible!

For SEO optimization

Now that you have your website in English, and in any other language, it is vital to optimize its ranking on search engines. SEO is a set of techniques to maximize the visibility of web pages in search engine results pages (SERP).

WordPress sites follow the guidelines of Google and other search engine methods, which help to optimize SEO referencing. A major advantage in a communication strategy for the consolidation of a visual identity.

For its secure structure

The development of the WordPress CMS takes into account the importance of current IT security. By following some of WordPress' general security methods and integrating specialized extensions, it is considered secure for the execution of all websites. 

For its extensions

WordPress has many built-in features whose powerful features can be enhanced with WordPress plugins. For example, WooCommerce is a WordPress extension that changes your basic website into a full e-commerce platform in a few clicks! Online commerce is now available to everyone. 

Esokia, a Wordpress development agency 

Now, let's be real 

If your company had the time and resources to develop "homemade" solutions,  you would have already done so. But that's not always possible, is it? Your business is growing fast. Your team is B-U-S-Y and do not  have the necessary Wordpress knowledge.

This is where we step in ;)

Esokia's developers are experts on this CMS. It is the first preferred tool of web development but it also has its limits. 

On one hand, developers prefer Drupal to Wordpress. Indeed, Drupal doesn’t constrain their imagination and allow them to create much more powerful websites with many APIs. So, if your project is not suitable for Wordpress, you may want to consult our solutions on Drupal. 

On the other hand, for all projects that can be carried out on WordPress, internally, Esokia sets up a dedicated expert team. An all-inclusive service from consulting or TMA to the creation and maintenance of Wordpress websites

More than a digital agency, Esokia is also a marketing agency. We assure implementation of high-performance digital services based on Design Thinking, Agile, Scrum methodologies and the recommendations of OWASP, W3C QA, WAI, ARIA.

A wide range of quality services at controlled costs:

  • Audit and architectural consulting
  • Design and functional and technical specifications Design UX/UI
  • Development/Integration HTML5, AngularJS, ReactJS, GraphQL....
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Optimization of performance 
  • Referencing 
  • SEO 
  • Maintenance


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