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DevOps teams of Esokia manage and secure your web hosting 

You want to host new web and digital services but you don’t know which web hosting provider to choose?
Esokia can propose you a personalized hosting offer.

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What is web hosting ?

First of all, let's explain what it means to host a website. This consists of renting or buying storage space on servers or on IaaS services, available 24 hours a day. On these virtual servers (VPS) or physical, cloud, dedicated or shared, all elements of your website will be stored (OS, database, web server, CMS, cache ...) in order to allow your web pages to be visible and accessible on the web while performing in a secure way.

The challenges of web hosting

It is important to remember that the choice of hosting your website and technical architecture is essential for your business because it allows your users to access your website and improve their digital experience. It must therefore be available at all times, it should be fast and powerful enough to support the number of visitors that your site will host especially during your digital marketing campaigns and to ensure good SEO (SEO). It is therefore preferable to choose a professional web host, to ensure the availability and optimal security of your website and applications.


Our web hosting offer :

Hosting Work Plan

The benefits of entrusting your accommodation to Esokia
Our agency accompanies you and allows you to choose the best hosting according to your needs of traffic, performance, availability.
With our specialized DevOps teams and web hosting services, choosing Esokia means that you will:

  • ensure the availability of your site with the cloud
  • have monitoring service that continuously interrogates your hosting architecture and constantly monitors and guarantees the proper functioning of your servers and your digital services
  • have telephone support and a ticketing service to follow up the progress of your tickets
  • ensure a quick resolution of your problems with an SLA commitment
  • benefit from secure hosting and security tools (WAF, DDoS protection, SSL, Firewall, Threat Blocking & Privacy, ...)
  • Speed ​​up the download of your pages with caching optimization and CDNs-Content Delivery Network services
  • enjoy the flexibility of scalable hosting based on your traffic peaks
  • rely on our expertise in Application Performance Management (APM)
  • set up the optimizations needed to accelerate your mobile pages AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • have a holistic view of key performance indicators of your services
  • be aligned with RGPD requirements
  • have governance and support throughout the lifecycle of your services

We also propose to take care of the application maintenance (TMA) of your website.