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Our web agency ensures the web development of your website!

Considered as a powerful communication tool, the website has become a must for your company today. It increases your notoriety as well as your visibility with your current and potential customers. Keep in mind that a website will always reinforce the credibility of your company based on its content and design.

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Do you know the definition of web development?

This is an important step in the creation of a website. It refers to the process of writing a site in a technical language. With the use of computer programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP, developers can write programs that will then be executed by computers. The instructions will be set up on the Internet to be executed on servers.

Generally speaking, it represents the tasks associated with the development of websites that will be hosted via the Internet or an intranet.

Why turn to an agency for web development?

An agency can enable you to accelerate the development of your projects and rely on skills that they do not have in-house or which are not strategic to their business.
Most agencies work with full-stack developers, which means that they can work on the back office as well as on the front end.

Do you know the difference between these two notions?

One of the most common phrases used to explain the difference is "the front is what the end user sees and the back is what he doesn't see".

The front-end term therefore defines all the elements of the site that you see. All the programming languages used by the Front End developer will be interpreted by the computer's browser to display a "visual" result.

While the back-end is considered the "hidden" but very important part of the digital project. The developer is in charge of setting up, configuring as well as maintaining the server and the database of the site.

However, at Esokia we chose to split our team of developers in two so that they would be specialized in each of these 2 fields.

Which technology should you choose for the development of your site?

In order to find the right technology for your digital project, our web agency offers you a wide range of choices that you could use. You will find there :

.NET Core

How do agencies coordinate their teams for web development?

The agencies work with various well known methodologies for the design of sites. We have selected two main ones:

  • Agile method
  • Scrum method
  • V Method

Esokia : the expert agency for website development !

Our agency also offers you a complete website service. Thus, it will go through all the major stages of web project design, starting with web development and then taking care of the Web Design - UX/UI. Once the site is designed, we perform tests to detect and correct bugs on the website. We will also adapt them to all devices (desktop, mobile, tablets) in order to make them responsive. We will make sure that they automatically adapt to the size of the screen on which they are displayed.

To improve your search engine positioning (SEO) or to manage the writing of your content, our developers work in collaboration with our digital marketing team.

Esokia also offers Application Maintenance services in order to keep your systems operational and secure after their creation.

We also advise you on the choice of web hosting for your site by offering you a tailor-made offer to guarantee the performance, security, agility and availability of your website or e-commerce.

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