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A Web design agency is an essential means to imporrve your digital communication impact on your site! Indeed, it must allow you to convey a particular brand message to your users and thus distinguish your company from other competitors. The visual identity is essential for each website to reflect their brand image.

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Why is UX/UI essential for the web design of your website?

UX Design is a short form for "user experience". Its main objective is to make the use of the site more comfortable and intuitive for the user. You must therefore improve the different functionalities of the site by maximizing the user experience in order to encourage visitors to come back to the website.

With an optimal user experience, you will have the best interaction between your website and its users. On top of that, you will gain their trust as well as that of potential customers. Did you know that 68% of users leave a site because of a bad user experience? And 44% of them will share their bad experience with friends.

It is of prime importance as it must place the user at the centre of attention. Implement the 3-click rule, which is an ergonomic principle explaining that an Internet user must find the information he is looking for by using a maximum of 3 hyperlinks from the home page.

As for the UI, which means "user interface", it aims to highlight the important elements of the site through an attractive design. It will need to give the user confidence to prove its reliability and maintain a good reputation among users.

The UX/UI Design stage is also very important with SEO! One must appeal to search engines and on the other hand it must appeal to Internet users. Indeed, even if your content is very well positioned by search engines but you have an unattractive design or your user path is not intuitive enough, then we will see a bounce rate and a poorly optimized time per page. Your conversion rate will therefore decrease because users will not come back to your site anymore. A loss will therefore occur within your company because fewer customers equals a drop in turnover.

Our web design agency approach

We assist you with the graphical and ergonomic design of your website.

  • First, we will review with you the objectives to be achieved with this new website as well as the scope of the project, such as the main functionalities, the planning, the dimensioning elements, etc.
  • In the first phase of your project, we set up workshops to collect your idea, from the global to the details and specify what you expect for your website. We then formalize your various expected needs and functionalities. The workshops are particularly focused on the user experience (UX).
  • We will also identify with you the typology of visitors to your web service and define their Personae.  Looking at this for each individual you are targeting allows you to determine the communication axes to adopt, the media to invest in, but also to elaborate with precision the ergonomics of your site. Depending on the characteristics of the Personae, we will then specify their user path (Customer journey), the sitemap and the associated content (Content strategy).
  • The creation of your visual identity is then one of the key steps for your company. It is very important for you to stand out in the market. We help you to create it according to your expectations and your corporate culture.
  • Web Design is an important element of the site because 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. We will therefore set up a very graphical user interface that will catch the eye of the users so that they will remember you.
  • Our experts will then create an ergonomic interface for your site. The goal of ergonomics is to have a site that is simple to use so that users can find what they need quickly and easily.
  • It is imperative to give your users a sensory experience. Sensory marketing offers a differentiating experience based on the stimulation of the senses. The objective of this strategy is to put the customer's comfort at the heart of the buying experience.
  • Our designers also work with our marketing team to give your site better search engine positioning.
  • In order to meet your expectations, we will offer you an interactive prototype (with tools like Sketch or Invision) for the design of your site. This prototype is made up of wireframes, which shows the layout of the different parts that make up the pages of the website based on user paths. Its objective is to be able to "play" with the digital product, and validate the proper functioning, before growing the teams and moving on to the development phase.
  • An important step that we recommend is the setting up of focus groups or user tests. In fact, this step consists of organizing targeted tests on specific subjects such as user paths or design, and this with groups representative of the personas identified. This validates the correct positioning of the site throughout its construction and thus anticipates a successful production start.

Turn to UX designers who are experts in web design!

The UX designer's mission is to develop the HMI architecture which means Home Machine Interface of the site or mobile application by creating an interface composed of different functionalities that will be essential for the visitor.  To achieve this task, he will have to reconcile the wishes with the needs of the company's customers. Once the site is established, he will have to analyze the user path on the site to make some modifications and optimize if necessary.

Esokia and its team of expert web designers can intervene on the graphic and ergonomic design of your website ! As design is essential for the brand image of your company, we offer you a creativity 100% in line with your expectations ! For the web design of your site, we take care of the realization of the graphic charter to create the themes, the color codes, the typography and also the mock-ups.

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