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Quality Control Testing is a key phase in the process of creating a digital product before it is delivered and validated by the customer. The main objective of this task is to make the corrections as well as the optimizations and deployments necessary to remove all bugs from your applications.

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What are the steps of the Quality Control Test?

Before getting started, testers must be kept up to date with the project's specifications and the customer's expectations in order to create mock-ups of the applications with their detailed technical specifications.

Then different types of tests have to be applied to check your application :

  • User Acceptance Testing : it allows the verification of all specified customer requirements that are written in the mock-up.
  • Performance Testing: it determines the performance of a computer system. For example, the behaviour of the site according to the number of simultaneous users.
  • Preliminary test: it makes a quick search for critical bugs that can be found in the major features implemented during the development of the site. It also allows for basic checks of SEO implementations.
  • Non regression test: in case of a change of version of your site, this test checks if all the modifications made will not bring problems on the previous validated site.
  • Compatibility Test: it guarantees the proper functioning of the site or the platform with different IT environments including web browsers (iOS and Windows) and modern mobile browsers (iOS and Android).
  • Test for Mobile Application: it allows you to see the compatibility of your site adapted to mobile apps. For example, it checks if the site adapts to different screen sizes to see if it is responsive.
  • Application test: concerning facial recognition and fingerprint.

As soon as the tests are completed, the last step is to make corrections of the errors found in order to update the site. The testers can also make recommendations to improve the functionality of your site.

What is the importance of the Quality Control Test?

It is imperative to tell yourself that, from conception to completion, you must have a site that works in a way and with an optimal security with as few bugs as possible. If you don't have your site tested and users notice errors or don't have a good experience on it because they find it difficult to use, then they won't want to go back to it.

Our quality offer at Esokia

Our digital agency offers a Tierce Recette Applicative (TRA) that will test your application or website before it goes live.

The Quality Assurance Test allows us to detect, analyze and correct the anomalies noticed..

Our service is presented in several stages:

Visuel QA

  1. The writing of the specification notes is an essential step to do the tests. It is considered to be the test conductor's notebook, adapted to the project. It is used to calculate the statistics of the number of open, closed and solved bugs. At the end of the project, the notebook is closed.
  2. Our testers also make checklists for all complexities, to make sure you don't forget anything about the tasks to be checked and also to go over the important points again.
  3. Another of the steps is automation. It allows the deployment of automatic tests.
  4. The last step is reporting and monitoring according to the criticality levels and terminals involved.

Here are the two softwares we use for test automation:

Katalon Studio
Software enabling automation testing solution based on open-source frameworks such as Selenium, offering a specialized IDE for all web and mobile application testing.

This software is a computer test framework that is developed in Java. It gives rise to an interaction between several web browsers as would the user of your site or mobile app.

The advantages of the Quality Control Test :

  • High security
  • A good user experience
  • Better productivity

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