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The number one rule in the Internet industry is that “Nothing is hack-proof’’. This is why, it is essential to audit your website regularly and follow the basic  practices of Google Security Checklist  for example.

Our software code audit consists of a comprehensive analysis of the source code of your website. During these tests, besides the analysis tools, we rely on the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) methodology for our intrusion tests.

The main purpose of this IT Security Audit is to identify possible security flaws and detect vulnerabilities in the information system. This will set the way for a cyber-resilience strategy against hackers’ threats.


Companies often don't realize the dangers of hyper-connectivity on their website and the importance of respecting security rules and policies. This goes on, until the day they get hacked, or even worse, become a victim of cyber blackmail.

This cybercrime is growing more and more, forcing companies to be concerned about the level of security of their software

It is important that throughout the development of any web application, you be careful and analyze the different types of vulnerabilities. This is the only way to prevent certain risks and to strengthen the security of the site in the future.

The objectives of a security audit:

  • Reduce erros before a software release
  • Detect security bugs in the source code
  • Identity security breaches not visible during pentest
  • Avoid regulatory compliance issues


Our offer for IT security audit :



overall technical performance for a better understanding of your site


issues for a better management of your resources


on possible solutions to better secure your website


Before initiating the security audit, it is important to understand the context and the main characteristics of your project. The collaboration of your web development team will be necessary to accompany our (IT) security experts during the review of your source code such as programming language, context, objectives, audience, location, priorities and availability.


Our process for a software audit :


1 Update of the CMS
2 Review the internal structure of the site
3 Identify source codes and technologies
4 Test website performance


Delivery: Audit report in PDF format on the technical aspects of your website, plus our expertise which includes recommendations on changes to be made.

Now that your main core is maximized, it is time to push your visibility on search engines. Complete your technical audit, add to it an SEO marketing audit and a user experience audit to turn it into complete website audit !



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