Orange Football Club

How did Esokia realize the redesign of the Orange Football Club website ?

Orange Football Club is a media platform that provides news on the world of football across Europe and Africa. It is available in three languages: French, English and Arabic. With an audience mainly focused on the African territory, it allows you to know everything about the teams and the different competitions.
Esokia intervened on the redesign of the current website ( to allow the client to take advantage of a web space revolving with new technologies, mainly the PWA (Progressive Web App) to assist the users' nomadic needs and be closer to them. Our teams worked on both a graphic and ergonomic redesign to deliver an improved interface in order to offer web users better navigation between different sections such as "Live" (to follow matches live) and "Games" (to play via mobile and win prizes or credits), among others.

All our WordPress experts on the field for the Orange Football Club project

A strong team of nine experts with a project manager as captain who was mobilized to carry out the web project. To meet the client's expectations, 1 WordPress back-end developer, 3 front-end developers (2 React JS developers + 1 CSS developer), 2 DevOps, 1 quality assurance tester and 1 team lead assisted him. The competence of our collaborators, each in their respective fields, was put to contribution in order to make this project a success in terms of deadlines, performance of the new site, quality and cost.

The expertise of our Web and PHP specialists used to meet the specifications

Strong of their expertise in the digital field, Esokia's collaborators accompanied the client throughout the redesign of its digital space with the latest web development technologies.

The technologies used :
One of the main technologies used in the Orange Football Club Web project was ReactJs. In order to make the interface more flexible and efficient, our teams integrated this front-end framework on the Web platform which initially included only WordPress.
During the redesign of the website, Esokia also considered the user experience when transforming the interface into a Progressive Web App. The optimized site also allowed the client to increase the cost rate and the engagement rate. A mobile application via WebView was also implemented.

The agile methodology :
Our skills in Scrum methodology allowed us to offer a 100% agile Web project to Orange Football Club. Our teams set up workshops on a weekly basis during which we were able to identify the client's needs in order to propose the most appropriate solution. To do so, a list of tasks was identified and discussed beforehand, then an order of priority was identified and dates for completion were set.Our teams were thus able to take into account all the knowledge in relation to the client and its technical environment in order to consolidate the most efficient estimation.

Esokia : the services of a Digital Agency for a smooth entry into the game

Our teams have been in charge of the Orange Football Club's digital project from A to Z. Our web agency mastered the BUILD and RUN phases and thus assisted the client in these different steps to deliver a turnkey site.
We also intervened in the hosting (DevOps). Our Web agency offers a reliable and high-performance Web hosting solution. Our developers have the necessary expertise to take care of the migration taking into account the quality and compatibility of the modules.
In order to offer a high performance interface, Esokia also worked on the internal API integration to facilitate WordPress / ReactJs communication and on the integration of Crons to the new platform.
The redesign of the Orange Football Club website : Esokia scores a goal by taking up the challenge !
The knowledge of our teams in Web development tools has borne fruit allowing Esokia to take up different challenges during the implementation of the project:

  • Implement the site in ReactJS while integrating all existing APIs. Our teams were thus able to keep the loading and use of the site fluid.
  • Implementing social media sharing on the new interface when ReactJS is known to be not very compatible with this kind of functions (Facebook sharing, Twitter, etc.) Which is very surprising considering that Facebook and ReactJS are both coming from Facebook.
  • Implement sitemaps and RSS feeds on the new architecture

Successfully implement the WordPress multilingual management module, including Arabic.
Our employees were able to demonstrate a high capacity of adaptation in order to guarantee the success of this digital project! Esokia proposes web redesign and TMA offers where the digital marketing and technical skills of our teams are put to contribution. For more information,

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