Esokia supports Inspectforless in the design and development of its marketplace.

Inspectforless is a firm involved in quantity and quality inspections, testing, conformity assessment and certification services. Esokia accompanied the company in its digital project which consists in the implementation of a new B2B marketplace platform.The purpose of this is to connect inspection services with the end customers who require the inspection service. The Inspectforless platform can be called upon when a customer needs an inspection of his merchandise, anywhere in the world. The latter makes an RFI (Request for Inspection) on the interface so that inspectors can make a price offer, and if selected, can then proceed with the inspection and issue a report that will be posted online.

Esokia provides Inspectforless with a dedicated technical team.

In order to meet the client's needs for this digital project, Esokia has built a complete agile team. It is composed of 1 Product Owner, 1 Scrum Master, 4 developers, 1 QA tester, 1 user experience expert and 1 UX/UI designer. These web design and development professionals have used their mastery and knowledge in the field to digitize and automate some key processes of Inspectforless' marketplace platform.

Agile methodology was the key word to carry out the Inspectforless project.

Our web agency, strong of its skills in agile methodology Scrum and Kanban, was able to meet the client's specifications in order to implement a turnkey digital solution. To do so, our experts took into account its needs during the analysis phase to propose the most suitable solution.Iterative development based on agile sprints allowed great reactivity and adaptability as the platform took shape. They put forward their expertise in various technologies such as the Sylius and Symfony frameworks for the Back-end and React JS for the Front-end.

Sylius and Symfony: e-commerce solutions for a highly flexible framework

In order to accompany Inspectforless with agility and quality in its project to develop a highly specialized marketplace, a dedicated team that has all the expertise and knowledge required in Sylius and Symfony e-commerce solutions has been requisitioned. Esokia's developers use Sylius, an e-commerce oriented framework created from Symfony components and bundles to set up user paths for sellers and buyers on the platform. It allowed us to generate the skeleton of the Inspectforless interface in order to offer it a turnkey solution, functional as soon as it is received and equipped with an interface optimized to the maximum.

Inspectforless : Esokia intervenes at different levels

From the creation to the maintenance of Inspectforless' marketplace, Esokia accompanies its client throughout its project, i.e. the development of their digital sales space. Our digital agency has been working intensively in order to set up a marketplace allowing Inspectforless to :
Propose new services to its customers via a single interface for monitoring and steering qualitative and financial missions and automatic issuance of orders,
To have a tangible product, facilitating the marketing of associated services, increasing the notoriety of the group and its activities and participating in its global valorization!

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