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Why develop a Progressive Web App (PWA) ?

Do you want to optimize the user experience (UX) of your website on mobile? What to choose between a responsive website and a native application? But why would you have to choose? We propose to create it in Progressive Web App (PWA). PWA is a great combination that brings together the best of both technologies !

I switch my website to PWA

What's a PWA ?

PWA or Progressive Web Application is a website that uses the features of our smartphones such as GPS, camera, and push notifications. This provides a user experience that is close to a native mobile application

As its name "web app" indicates, a PWA is a web app which takes the form of a mobile app. Rather than downloading via Play Store, or Apple Store, all content is accessible via a URL and indexed by search engines such as Google. This is not the case for an native apps. 


PWA : user-friendly, faster page loads and adopted by users

Mobile users are not as patient as desktop users. So, if your site takes a while to load, PWA offers a faster and more efficient user environment. Even with a low connection, PWAs are easily accessible and still perform well. 

An optimized site also allows your company to increase the return and the user engagement rate. Indeed, users will not only feel as if they are using an online service, but they will also take ownership of the web app itself.  


The advantages of a PWA vs. classic applications:

  • Progressiveness: it adapts to all users, regardless of their choice of browser, Internet connection speed or device.
  • Works Offline: it does not require a constant connection and can be used offline.
  • Always up to date: No need to make updates in the blinds like regular applications. A PWA is always up to date because only the website needs to be updated. For the visitor this is a plus because there is nothing to do.
  • Indexed by Google: Even classified as applications, PWAs have their own URLs and SEO metadata, which facilitates their indexing by search engines.
  • Push Notifications: As an application, your PWA allows you to notify your users at any time.
  • Instant installation: your users install a PWA through the home screen of their smartphones with a single click when they visit your site.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a PWA?


Progressive Web App



Responsive: fits all devices

Less performance compared to a native app

Indexed by browsers

Limited access to the functionalities of a smartphone

Operates offline

No push notifications on iOS

No need to download

On iPad, some native features are not supported

Immersive full screen experience

No personal data available

Faster than a website

Little flexibility regarding "special" content for users


PWA : towards a mobile future !

Many international companies such as Alibaba, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify and Uber have taken the plunge with PWAs. The results have been incredible in a short period of time. We're talking double conversions, much more visitor feedback and a much faster loading time.

Currently the market is dominated by mobile devices, and this will continue to increase.  Whether you are a start-up, a small business or a multinational company, progressive web applications are the future !

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