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Drupal Commerce: Drupal's dedicated e-commerce module!

Nearly 60,000 sites have been listed using Drupal Commerce for their e-commerce transformation in 2019, according to the official Drupal website.

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What's Drupal Commerce?

Like its name suggests, it is a dedicated module of the Drupal CMS that acts as a framework to facilitate the development of an e-commerce site. It was created in 2011 aiming to allow the creation of e-commerce websites and mobile applications of any size.

One of the main attributes of the software is that it can manage both a website with no editorial constraints and a retail site with classical functionalities (such as the management of the products or services catalogue) on the same technical base and also on the same administration interface.

Why use Drupal Commerce for your project?

The Drupal Commerce module is a very powerful e-commerce solution. It is also described as a complex and polyvalent platform. First, it is the only e-commerce platform that is built on the foundation of a professional CMS.

It is particularly known to be a modular solution with a strong capacity to adapt quickly and efficiently to the configuration of your e-commerce project and also to your organization. It is also attributed with the greatest flexibility compared to other known online platforms.

It is also considered a scalable solution for specific projects. With integrations with third party systems, the extension adapts very quickly to any changes in the needs of websites, regardless of their size.

Being "open source" in nature, this will allow a reduction in creation and maintenance costs, which will benefit your investments. Also, thanks to this attribute, you will be guaranteed excellent security for your website.

The Drupal extension has also implemented strategies to improve your company's Inbound Marketing. An administration system as well as a workflow allowing a better customizable management will allow you to improve your marketing strategy for your website!

If you have an advanced editorial strategy then the CMS will be an ideal solution for your site. Indeed, Drupal allows you to have an excellent editorial management which is considered to be the pillar of content marketing. Thanks to this quality, it will be easier for end users to create the Landing Page.

The advantages of using Drupal Commerce for your online store:

In addition to the basic functionality related to managing an e-commerce site, Drupal Commerce has advanced features that help turn online stores into a real business in its own right.

Among its leverage effects are the following:

  • Inventory Management : With modules such as Commerce Stock and Commerce Inventory, managing your product inventory is easier on a single platform.
  • Delivery Management : A module called Commerce Shipping allows you to use customer profiles to manage cases where a customer's billing address and delivery address are different.
  • E-payment management : Thanks to APIs in the form of modules such as "Payment" or "Paypal Commerce", Drupal Commerce can be integrated with vendors worldwide such as Paypal, Amazon Pay or Stripe. In addition, thanks to the APIs, other virtual payment terminals can be developed and added to the site such as Mercanet for example.
  • International management: This e-commerce module allows the creation of multilingual sites and has the capacity to have a multi-currency management, with a function that allows the integration of rules concerning the calculation of taxes.
  • Security flaw management: "security by design" via Drupal allows a quick correction when flaws in the system are discovered.

For an overview of Drupal Commerce features, we recommend trying the Drupal Commerce Kickstart demo. This is a demo site of Drupal 8 with Drupal Commerce 2 and available on Github. It is an effective way to get familiar with a pre-built Drupal Commerce site.

Why choose our agency for your e-commerce project?

A large and active community of developers masters the Drupal CMS and its Drupal Commerce extension to perfection!

At Esokia, we have a dedicated team of experts who will accompany you throughout the process of developing your future project with Drupal. We have successfully referenced major companies with this CMS such as Lactalis, Sun Resorts or SBM (State Bank of Mauritius).

In order to succeed in your digital transformation, our experts will take care of the development and design of your site to improve your SEO strategies to boost your site so that it is well positioned on the search engines. Once created, the website must also be maintained to avoid bugs, make updates to the CMS and modules and to improve the user experience. We also offer Application Maintenance services so that your site has zero defects!

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