Why choose Progress Sitefinity CMS for a marketplace project ?

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The marketplace is an e-commerce solution widely used in recent years.
The success of a marketplace depends on the type of platform you want to set up but also and especially in part on the technology with which you are going to design it.
Among the technologies that allow the design of a marketplace, the Progress Sitefinity CMS is a first choice.
Bojan Kostic, Team Leader Progress Sitefinity at Esokia, gives us an interview and explains why this technology is preferable for a marketplace project.

Do you have a marketplace project ?


Can you introduce yourself ?

Bojan Kostic Progress Sitefinity ExpertI’m Bojan, a business partner and technical lead at Esokia Serbia. I’m a senior .NET developer and IT consultant with experience in the integration of large enterprise solutions.

My professional life has been 100% driven by my passion for software design and development.

During my engagement in Esokia we have developed a lot of interesting projects like (web and/or mobile).



Air Mauritius - Sitefinity CMS solution developed for Mauritius airline company

Sitefinity CMS marketplace solution developed for an international leader in nuclear energy

Dokiliko - Web service, the one-stop-shop solution developed for healthcare professionals

Mood - Full-stack solution that is used for measuring employee satisfaction at work.

Couriier -  Platform (Web+API+Mobile) Couriier is used by courier delivery service. This application’s primary role is enabling them to manage their shifts, locate the pickup address, and delivery of orders.

Happy Trip Pro - Full-stack solution that is used for networking and organizing business meetings for moving professionals. This application allows users to enrich their network and to create business opportunities.

NetTV+ - Mobile application allows you to watch your favorite TV channels on your device, anywhere in the World.

Le Journal d’Ici - Mobile application that is used for publishing and sharing local news originating from the regional newsgroup leader.

STR Marketing Ltee  - Mobile application that is used for facilitating business processes for a company that aims to be the industry benchmark satisfaction on work and supplier of choice for piping materials in the Indian Ocean region.

Our team and our developers were also participating in several outsourcing projects helping our clients to fulfill their goals.

What are the profiles of the Serbia team ?  

Our team is composed of experienced engineers and developers, able to meet all customer requirements and demands by adhering to all standards and best practices.
The team is made up of different profiles:

  • Mobile developers  (Android / iOS / ReactNative)
  • Frontend developers (ReactJS)
  • Backend developers (.NET / Progress Sitefinity)
  • Testers
  • Designer, project and product managers

I’m very proud to lead and be a member of this team.

For those who don’t know, what is Progress Sitefinity CMS ?

Sitefinity CMS is a content management system (CMS) that you use to create, store, manage, and present content on your website. Content and pages in Sitefinity CMS are multilingual and you can use one Sitefinity CMS instance to manage multiple sites that can share content. Progress Sitefinity is named third time a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Web Content Management (October 2018, April 2019, and October 2019).

Can you explain why Progress Sitefinity CMS is the best choice for a marketplace project ?

If you are looking to accelerate digital transformation with a highly extensible, high-performing, and easy to use Digital Experience Platform, Sitefinity is the right solution. Progress Sitefinity enables digital agencies and developers and internal IT teams to rapidly develop elevated experiences that enable marketers to deliver relevant, personalized content through the channels they choose.

What are the benefits of being in Serbia for a web agency ?

Serbia is going through a technological boom. Every day more and more developers appear who, due to their qualities, are very quickly hired by companies and digital agencies. 
Our web agency in Serbia has a number of advantages for nearshore service such as highly educated staff, european time zone,  economical and professional environment around ICT business, adequate telecommunications infrastructure, geographical position and similar culture to facilitate and accelerate communication.
With that in mind, digital agencies in Serbia are the right solution for your digital transformation. As part of the Esokia Group, Esokia Serbia is proud of its team and the quality of its developers and is the right solution for you.

Do you have a marketplace project? Contact our Progress Sitefinity CMS experts!