What is the cost of a website maintenance ?


Website maintenance is all actions that allow to monitor the proper functioning and general performance of a website. For the company, this step is essential, since it allows keeping its site up to date. This is how it can work constantly to attract prospects and convert them into loyal visitors.

In the absence of internal skills, the best option is to outsource your website maintenance needs. Why is website maintenance important for a company? What are the risks involved in neglecting this aspect? What is the budget?

Why is website maintenance important for the company?

The ultimate goal of any business is to capture and hold the interest of Internet users, and this naturally involves having a strong, secure, and high-quality website. In order for a website to make a good first impression, to continuously improve its referencing, its security, and its ability to sell, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual interventions are required.

These actions ensure that all security software and plugins are up-to-date, add new content, increase new traffic and retain repeat visitors. While some tasks are more urgent than others, the whole package is vital.

Choose an outstanding end-to-end provider with Esokia, a web design, web maintenance, and outsourcing agency.

What are the dangers of neglecting website maintenance?

For budgetary reasons, a company may wonder about the priority to be given to its website maintenance needs. That being said, a site that is not constantly monitored for health and overall performance will soon show alarming signs:

  • An increasingly sluggish operation;
  • Difficulties growing in converting prospects;
  • Presence of malicious software;
  • Risks for visitor safety are high due to piracy;
  • A complete shutdown is even more serious.


How much does a website maintenance or TMA Web cost ?

Website maintenance shouldn't force the business to hire more staff or put a significant strain on its finances in order to get quality results.

The following is an overview of the typical market prices for website maintenance provided by Hostinger, a hosting expert and internet domain registrar:

  • Approximately 5 to 500 euros per month or 60 to 6,000 euros per year for a small or medium-sized site;
  • Between 200 and 5,000 euros per month for the websites of large companies with high traffic.


In some cases, this results in the following web maintenance costs:

Type of website

Average cost of website maintenance

Personal website

Digital portfolios, personal blogs, and leisure websites.

5 € – 35 € /month

Professional blog

Popular blogs with medium to high traffic.

25 € à 100 € /month

Web commercial PME site

Restaurants, simple business welcome pages, and small to medium-sized educational institutions.

100 € à 500 € /month

Website for a large company

Popular businesses and large educational institutions.

250 € à 5 000 € /month

Multimedia entertainment website

Popular digital magazines.

300 € à 2 500 € /month

E-commerce website

Online stores.

1 500 € à 5 000 € /month

The outsourcing of website maintenance to reduce costs and gain in quality

Entrusted to Esokia offshore web maintenance agency, all your needs in website maintenance or web TMA are covered. Our teams already have all the tools and skills to handle every aspect of your website in order to :

  • Anticipating future malfunctions;
  • Fixing the bugs;
  • Adjusting the various extensions to the requirements;
  • Increasing the platform's security;
  • Optimizing the website;
  • Fairly adhere to the new security policy's directives.


Contact us to discuss your project and your needs for an on-demand offshore maintenance site for the web!

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