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Deal with cyber attacks on your WordPress website !

For years, WordPress has been one of the targets of cyber attacks! As it is the most used CMS for websites: 1 third of the websites in the world! So be careful about the security of your site to avoid having a bad reputation or a decrease in turnover of your company!

The last attack targeted particularly plugins with security flaws such as Profile Builder, Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce or Async JavaScript. Today, they have all been fixed to avoid being hacked again. It is also mandatory for your site to be updated to be effective against any attack on it!

The themes were also among the targets, especially those sold by ThemeGrill, a web development company, which put more than 200,000 sites at risk.

Why is WordPress under cyber attack?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), free and open source. It is mainly because of its worldwide popularity, especially among SMEs, that hackers are attacking it.

Indeed, they do attack those smaller than themselves! WordPress is very easy to use and allows any user to easily understand it! However, many small businesses are not aware of the vulnerability of their website or the need for good cyber security training to have a proper maintenance.

By hacking a site, hackers can steal identities or personal information about users by accessing the site's database, they can shut down the entire site or install malicious software on it.

Most often, cyberattacks take the form of phishing, credit card skimmers or adware.

To counter its weaknesses, WordPress has implemented an exploitation code that aims to prevent remote attackers from taking control of the system.  Many companies call on digital agencies to have their developers design code against hacking!

How do you protect your website from hackers?

An important point to remember: always pay attention to security and get into the habit of making your backups before being hacked!

Neglecting WordPress updates will make your site immediately attackable! There are two types of Updates: "minor" which are automatically done by WordPress and "major" which must be done by the service provider in charge of your maintenance!

The same applies to the WordPress CMS extensions you have chosen as well as to your themes! To ensure the stability and security of your site, you need to be sure that the core of WordPress is always up to date!

If you need help to learn how to maintain your site, you can call upon third party IT providers such as Esokia who will establish WordPress security audits to explain your vulnerability (plugins, configuration errors, buggy function, undone Updates...) and advise you on what you need to do to protect yourself from attacks.

Choose Esokia to maintain your site !

Our agency offers Third Party Application Maintenance (TMA) services that aim to keep an eye on your site by taking care of bug fixes, update security modules and thus improve your performance!

At Esokia, we have a team of expert developers of the WordPress CMS ! Whether it is for the creation, the selection of hosting, we can also take care of the WordPress maintenance of your website !

For more information, get in touch with our WordPress experts who will contact you as soon as possible!

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